About School

St. Mary's Convent School is proud to be affiliated with Mary Matha Shaikshik Sanstha, Agra, a registered organization committed to fostering education excellence. This affiliation underscores our dedication to providing high-quality education within a structured and legally recognized framework.

St. Mary's Convent School operates under the legal umbrella of Mary Matha Shaikshik Sanstha, Agra, a registered society under the applicable laws of India. This registration ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements and provides a solid legal foundation for our educational endeavors.

Today, in India, the pressure of casteism, communalism, poverty and exploitative structures make it imperative to equip our students not only with intellectual skills but also with a set of attitudes imbued with social, moral and spiritual values. Our commitment to this kind of education is made in order to serve specifically the young and among them the poor. We will also seek to conscientize them of their rights and struggle in the face of ongoing oppression and exploitation. We invite our collaborators, students and parents to work with us in realizing our challenging vision of bringing about a new India.

Recommendation To Parents

Co-operation between parents and school authorities is essential for the successful growth and achievement of the child. Parents are urged to co-operate with school in enforcing regularity and discipline, seeing their children prepare their daily lesson and take a keen interest in all the activities of the school.

The Ecumerical Prayer Room

The Ecumenical Prayer Room is used by students and staff members to invigorate and meet their spiritual needs. Every working day, before or after the class, during free periods or during intervals, they can spend a few minutes in silence here. On special occasions, like Principal’s Day and Teacher’s Day, prayer service is conducted to absorb the spirit of the day.

Moral Instruction & Catechism

To build up the character of students and to have faith in God and His providence in life on the basis of the noble aspects of our culture and to make them understand the true significance of religion, moral instructions and religious lessons are offered to all the students. As a part of this program , meditations, prayer sessions, annual retreat, seminars etc. are arranged periodically: Catholic students have to attend catechism classes.