Aims & Objective Of The Holy Family

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We aim to promoting the entire development of the student, with respect to her
  1. Adjustment to the Environment
  2. Personal Growth
1. Adjustment To Environment

To fit each student to live in a modern civilized world through adjustment to her environment, we aim to train her then for

Home Life

To prepare her from for an effective and satisfying membership of the most important unit in the community, the home and to teach her to budget her leisure time wisely so as to balance activities that yield satisfaction with those that are useful and necessary.

Work Life

To qualify with a suitable occupation, which will make a major contribution to her community, with reference to productivity, creativity, economy and fine arts.

Civil Life

To be prepared for active democratic participation in the life of her community and nation in large and small ways.

2. Personal Growth

Through our education we will endeavor to help the student to reach to total integrated personality through her spiritual and moral, physical and intellectual, aesthetic and cultural emotion and social formation.


To respond to God’s call, and to achieve such personal communion with Him so that prayer and life become completely inter-woven.


To enable her to develop a strong, self-reliant character which will help her to make the right choice in values and behavior when called to do so.


To develop and maintain a sound body establishing habits and attitudes that are good and healthy, thus contributing to her physical and emotional growth.


To cultivate the intellect, teaching then to dialogue, analyse, inquire, evaluate and judge rightly.


To value truth, to create and to be sensitive to human nature and to beauty in all its forms- Literature, Art, Music, Nature.


To assimilate the culture of her own country through its conservation, transmission and renewal, and to appreciate all cultures of other regions and other nations.


To increase in self-awareness and to grow in the knowledge and understanding of her inner self: in what she is and what she appears to be, to regulate her emotions and to reach to nature growth by self-acceptance, with her potentials .ind limitations.

In Short:-

To help her to leave the school with principles and ideals which will guide and motivate her through life, which will help her to strive, to influence, to share and to use the blessings of her education for the benefit of others.